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Tim Grayson

Tim Grason is the kind of guy who would cause you to do a doubletake at the gym. As he stands there lifting those huge barbells over his head you can't miss every muscle, every line of definition in his smooth muscle jock frame. Sweat beads on the forehead of his handsome face yet he still manages to flash a smile. And the bulge in his gym shorts makes you wonder if he's turned on by you or just really gets off on working out. But when you're looking at someone this hot, who really cares. Watching him alone working his huge throbbing cock, the look of concentration and pleasure on his face, just makes you so hard you can hardly stand it. And Tim loves his body. He runs his hands all over his hard pecs and abs, running his fingers lovingly across the globes of his ass, lingering along the crack and teasing his hole. And when he shoots his load he looks like he's going to explode as stream after stream of delicious gooey jizz drips across his fingers.
Featuring:  Tim Grayson

Jayce & Lucky

Jayce Williams has never had an on screen blowjob from a guy before. So in order to make it really special for him we brought in the incomparable Lucky Daniels. One look at Jayce, with his porcelain smooth skin, handsome features and incredibly muscular body and Lucky couldn't wait to get started. Jayce had already told us that he loved having his ass licked. So after making out a while Lucky took all of Jayce's huge throbbing cock down his throat. Running his hands all over Jayce's muscular jock body got Lucky so hot while working his talented throat muscles around his stuff rod. Then Lucky started to work his tongue around Jayce's ass, an ass that just invites you to stick your dick inside. Lucky had to remind himself to come up for air as he was so into licking that perfect asshole. It was so hot that he shot a huge load with his face buried between Jayce's bubble butt cheeks. And when Jayce couldn't hold off anymore let himself spray his jizz all over Lucky's rock hard pecs and abs.

Boris Vidkiv

Boris Vidklv is so charismatic that when he walks in the room he has everyone there wrapped around his little finger. Well, actually, he's so sexy that we could say he's got everyone wrapped around his cock. The first thing you notice is his handsome face, with those ice blue eyes and charming smile. Coming from Russia, Boris speaks Russian fluently and it flavors his English with an exotic accent. Then you see his amazing jock stud body, muscular from all the outdoor activities he's into. He loves working out and with his rock hard pecs and perfect cumgutters he's quite a sight. Lightly hairy in all the right places with a beautiful uncut cock that he loves stroking. Ask anyone who's been part of his live chats, he's so entertaining even without being totally naked but truth be told if he ends a session without getting off he's a little disappointed. He loves shooting a nice big load while someone is watching.
Featuring:  Boris Vidkiv

Chris, Danny & Travis

Travis James knew he was gonna have a kick ass day. He was scheduled to do a scene with Danny Harper and Chris Rockway, two Randy Blue models he was really hot for. When the camera started recording it wasn't long before Travis was on his knees taking turns sucking the two huge throbbing cocks in front of him. He loved servicing one cock knowing the other was begging for attention right next to him. And Travis' excellent cocksucking skills had Danny and Chris so horned up they couldn't wait to tap that ass. But they both took some time to suck Travis' raging boner because they both knew that keeping a boytoy right on the verge of coming is the way to the hottest fuck. And Travis was in all his glory, if he was being banged by Danny, he was sucking Chris' dick and if he was being fucked by Chris he was making out with Danny or sucking his nipples. Travis is always happy when both holes are being used and today it was by two of the hottest guys. Pretty soon the jizz started flowing and he was covered in it, a perfect way to end a perfect ass fucking.

Josh & Porter

Josh Conners and Porter Wescott are such a perfect match. Porter, sporting his hot new manscruff and unshaven body, has been a favorite here at Randy Blue for some time. And Josh has already gotten lots of comments on our blog for his first solo, jerking off outside where anyone could catch him. Porter begins Josh's first hardcore video with a nice long sensual blowjob. Pretty soon they're both wrapped around each other yin yang style rimming each other's hot asses. Josh is having fun exploring every inch of Porter's sexy body, and who can blame him. Porter plunges his hard throbbing cock in Josh's furry pucker and the look on Josh's face says it all. He loves to get fucked and when you're getting fucked by such a hot stud as Porter there's no way you can have a bad time. Porter finishes the job by unloading a nice shot of spunk all over Josh's chest.

Anthony Cage

Anthony Cage is an exhibitionist. And with a body like his the world is a better place for it. He's come to America from Rio de Janeiro to learn English and to get some American ass. We asked why he would be interested in doing porn and he said he loved showing his body off. And with all that smooth college muscle there's no reason not to. Everything about him is so hot and sexy, and the way he runs his fingers over his chiseled pecs and abs is so sensual. He's gonna be amazing in a hardcore scene or a three way orgy. He runs his hands slowly and seductively around the perfect round globes of his ass, teasing his hole. And then he stands before a mirror jerking his big thick cock. It's so hot to see him look into his own eyes as he feels every inch of his stiff member with his hand, bringing himself closer and closer to climax. Then he shoots his thick creamy load all over the surface of the mirror and you wish you were there helping him do it.
Featuring:  Anthony Cage

Caleb & Cody

It starts off very intimate and sensual. Cody Lake and Caleb Strong, like lovers waking after a long night's slumber, embraced in each other's arms. But the heat slowly rises. You can't put two horny guys like this so close to each other without things getting wild. Caleb not only licks and teases Cody's stiff rod but he works every inch of the shaft and head with his warm mouth, giving Cody a blowjob like he's never had before. Then laying him up against a mirror he fucks his ass with a growing intensity as Cody watches himself get nailed. Caleb takes a break from the hardcore sex to rim Cody's hot ass and get it ready for another round of pounding. Cody also gets to wrap his lips around Cody's hard cock until both of them shoot their loads, and Cody gets taste of Caleb's delicious cum.
Featuring:  Caleb StrongCody Lake

Brett & Paolo

Brett Swanson has really been getting into his live chats. He has such a blast talking with his fans in the open room, but even more fun busting a nut in a nice long one on one session with a horny Randy Blue member, knowing that while he's getting off so is the person at home. And knowing that a bunch of voyeurs are peeking in on spycam makes his eventual load explosive because he really gets off on being watched. But even with all of that, nothing compares to getting a ass full of cock, so when Paolo Perez stopped by with that huge bulge in his pants Brett was all about taking things hardcore. As if Paolo wasn't already all horned up, Brett's soft warm mouth on his raging hard cock was enough to draw a load out of him. But he held back knowing he was gonna tap that sweet ass. And before long he was inside Brett, pounding away while Brett let out those guttural grunts of pleasure, feeling every inch of Paolo's nice thick cock deep inside his hungry hole. These two had amazing chemistry and Brett's tight hole got Paolo shooting his thick creamy load all over his hot ass.
Featuring:  Brett SwansonPaolo Perez

Josh Conners

Josh Conners is such an adorable guy. He falls into our Caleb Strong and Brett Swanson category. Youthful, handsome, and with a great body. He's got a very natural worked out kind of look, like you know he isn't in the gym every day. His sun kissed body shows a guy who is outdoors often and with the light musculature of his frame you can tell if he's outside he's probably playing sports or hiking. We shot him in his element, out in the sunshine surrounded by nature. He loved being naked in the woods and one gets the feeling that when he's alone and in an isolated area like this he's probably been naked like that before. Josh loves his body and knows how to make himself feel good. Letting his hands roam over this smooth skin, slippery with sweat and sunscreen, tweaking a nipple while his other hand slides effortlessly up and down the shaft of his hard cock. He flips around and takes a few minutes to finger his fuzzy hole. He's smooth almost all over, except for where it counts. And when the heat of the moment grew to fevered pitch he shoot long ropes of gooey cum all over that smooth chest of his.
Featuring:  Josh Conners

Blake & Chris

When Chris Rockway's scene partner doesn't show, he grabs the first available piece of ass he can find. Luckily the sound guy is willing and ready and just happens to look like Blake Powell. Well, okay, it is Blake Powell, but with an ass that hot Chris Rockway couldn't wait to pounce on it. Blake devours his big thick Rod getting him even more horny for the hardcore action that is about to start. And with his extensive workout schedule, Blake has built himself quite the smooth muscle jock body. And Chris, who always look like a greek sculpture, give Blake quite a blowjob before flipping him over and using his talented tongue to give Blake a totally hot rim job. But all that is just preparation because soon enough he's fucking Blake's ass like there's no tomorrow and Blake is loving every second of it. And everyone knows there is nothing like a major ass pounding from Chris Rockway.
Featuring:  Chris RockwayBlake Powell

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