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Dante Ferraro

Dante Ferraro is so fucking hot. And his sexuality starts from within and exudes out of every pore of his hot muscular body. He sits in his urban apartment, totally turned on by his favorite porn of the moment. The action of the top entering the bottom in a hardcore moment of bliss makes his huge cock practically burst through his shorts. He lovingly caresses his nipples while his cock begs for attention. The sweet neglect of one for the other just adds to the anticipation. He strokes his meat like a man on a mission. This is no relaxing wank, he's working his cock hard to draw out a huge thick load. He pulls out a Fleshjack and works it onto his cock. Enjoying the sensation yet still needing something, he wedges it between the cushions of the couch and fucks it like an eager bottom. The epic waves of motion he uses to get every inch of his plump dick into the warm soft interior of the toy tells you he's a skilled top who would make any bottom's hole pucker with need. Finally, he throws his legs in the air and works his cock through that last mile, releasing the product of his churning balls. He aims it right at his mouth, straining to catch as much of the tasty spunk as he can. The rest he scoops up with a finger and happily licks off, before laying down to a well deserved slumber.
Featuring:  Dante Ferraro

Lucky & Nicco

Lucky Daniels and Nicco Sky have never done a video together. Yet these two powerhouses of pure raw sexuality had such chemistry when they got together you could feel it in the room. Lucky wasted no time in getting Nicco's tasty cock in his mouth, not just swallowing it whole but also working every inch with his tongue and mouth, a talent that also was put to good use when he decided to rim Nicco and make the hot Latino stud squirm and moan with sexual pleasure. And as exciting as a 69 is, and we would never pass up a chance to do that when the guys are into it, but what do you call a 69 when the guys are rimming each other. It kinda looks like a 52. At any rate, it was so hot our camera guy just sat there with his jaw dragging on the floor as these two horndogs rimmed the fuck out of each other. That's not to say there wasn't some amazing ass fucking. Nicco fucked Lucky like there was no tomorrow.
Featuring:  Lucky DanielsNicco Sky

Chris & Jorge

It's hard enough to concentrate on working out when you're by yourself at the gym. You see so many hung bodybuilders and gay jocks walking past you as you're trying to pump some iron and all you think about is pumping some ass. How do you think it went for Jorge Fusco when he was trying to workout with Chris Rockway. All that hotness concentrated in one area, in a private gym, with nobody else around. Jorge catches a glimpse of Chris' ball poking out of his gym shorts and all hope of a regular workout are out the window. Jorge's mouth is drawn to Chris' big cock the second his eyes fall on it. He takes it all into his mouth and gives Chris a blowjob that has him so horny he just needs to fuck some man ass. And Jorge is more than happy to oblige. Chris goes all hardcore on that sexy butt of his and shoots a big sloppy load.
Featuring:  Chris RockwayJorge Fusco

Diego & Paolo

With a hot Latin fire, Diego Sans does a seductive dance of love for Paolo Perez. Well, okay, that's a big dramatic. He actually does a dirty lap dance of fuck me now. But what he doesn't know is that Paolo is already so hot for his smooth Latino body that his huge uncut cock is already bursting at his pants to get out and make contact with that ass. Diego teases with pervy gyrations until he finally gets to wrap his lips around Paolo's delicious dick. He runs his tongue all over Paolo's beautiful body, working him up until he can take no more. Paolo fucks Diego's ass with reckless abandon, moving that sexy bubble butt of his in and out, making Diego moan like a wild animal in heat. Then, while he's straddling Paolo's sleek and sexy frame he dumps his steamy load all over his chest. But Paolo can top that. He shoots his load right up Diego's back, letting it drip down over his sexy ass.
Featuring:  Diego SansPaolo Perez

Jeremy & Raphael

Raphael Cedano looks at Jeremy Walker in amazement and says, 'that's a lotta cum'. After Raphael's first ever bottoming scene and having Jeremy be the one to bust his cherry we're amazed he can even talk. It's always amazing to see a straight jock top go bottom for the first time. And especially seeing Raphael's smooth Latino body on all fours ready to receive Jeremy's huge hard cock. Jeremy made sure he was good and ready by sucking him off and rimming his hot ass. And when he first slipped it in the sounds coming from Raphael were a mixture of pleasure and pain as he experienced something totally new for the very first time. But the hottest part of this hot hardcore video is where Jeremy stops pumping, expecting to give Raphael a bit of a rest, and finds to his surprise that Raphael is in fact backing up onto his cock and humping it with his beautiful bubble butt. Raphael takes it all and when he's done the shower of thick creamy jizz he gets covered in is the perfect ending.

Nick & Nicco

Different guys cum different ways. Some can shoot clear across the room while others gently ooze creamy goodness like lava flowing down the side of a volcano. And seeing the difference between Nick Sterling and Nicco Sky as each of them shoot their loads is so hot. But we're getting ahead here. These two were all over each other before we even started filming. You can tell during the interview that they're just dying to get at each other. The look in Nicco's eyes says it all as he watches Nick go from rimming his butt to some good old fashioned hardcore ass fucking. With his adorable face, sexy jock muscle and well manicured body hair, Nick Sterling is the perfect counterpart to Nicco's smooth muscular Latino body. Nick is all over Nicco, ramming his rock hard dick deep into his hole while letting his hands roam all over his smooth brown skin. And Nicco is anything but a passive bottom. When Nick isn't fucking his ass, Nicco is jerking himself off getting ready for the next anal invasion yet being careful not to cum too soon. And speaking of cumming, each one has their own style. Where Nick sprays his seed anywhere and everywhere, Nicco lets loose long ropes of jizz that decorate his smooth six pack abs.
Featuring:  Nicco SkyNick Sterling

Raphael & Roman

Raphael Cedano loves nothing more than having a nice set of warm lips engulfing his cock. You can tell by the look on his face when Roman Todd works his thick piece of meat as far down his throat as he can. Raphael is a smooth muscular Latino hunk who lives for sex. And when he's horny he knows how to get what he wants. Roman is lean, tattooed and has that Jersey attitude that makes him a total bad ass. After getting his dick sucked, Raphael does a little cock sucking of his own and gets Roman so horny he's almost begging to get his ass fucked. And it wouldn't be a hardcore gay porn without a good ass fucking so Raphael spreads Roman's firm ass cheeks and gets ready for it. Raphael's cheeks flush as he rams his rock hard dick up Roman's hungry hole and makes him moan like it's his first time. But Roman's been around and really loves having his ass invaded like this. Raphael is all business as he bends Roman over a chair and goes to work on Roman's ass and neither of them can get enough.
Featuring:  Roman ToddRaphael Cedano

Dallas, Eric & Milo

It's no secret that Eric Pryor loves getting his ass fucked. And he does it so well that the guys who get a crack at it are always more than satisfied after getting to ram their raging hard cocks into his talented bubble butt. Dallas Evans and Milo Sommers were both asking to do a scene with Eric because he's just such a hot fuck. Since three is a lot more fun than two we threw both of them in. All three of these guys love working out and playing hard and if you're gonna fuck this wild you have to be in good shape, so having a three way orgy with these horny college guys showing off their muscular jock bodies means they're gonna pull out all the stops. Eric started off by working Dallas' ramrod and getting him so horny he could hardly stand it. Then Milo went to work on Eric. One of the most striking images of this whole video are Milo and Dallas both trying to get at Eric's rock hard cock with their lips and tongue, both taking their time and working every inch. Milo stars fucking Eric's hot ass while he eats out Dallas' butt, while Dallas is making out with Milo. Take a moment to think about it. Yeah, that's what it looks like. Why are you reading this. Go watch this hot hardcore video and see Eric Pryor get a facial when Dallas and Milo shoot their hot creamy loads all over him.

Jorge & Lucky

Jorge Fusco loves ass. He loves to look at it. He loves to fuck it. And he really loves to eat it out. And when he got a look at Lucky Daniels and that hot bubble butt, his big uncut cock got so hard he could hardly stand it. Lucky has been really working his physique lately and is so ripped that you could see the definition of his big hard muscle even in a dark nightclub. And while their skin tones are similar, their bodies are quite different. Where Lucky keeps his chest hair at a minimum, either shaving or trimming very close, Jorge loves how hairy his body is. And so many of our Randy Blue models love running their hands through it. Jorge loved Lucky's muscular body but it was his sexy ass that he was all about. He took a good long time rimming it, smacking it, working it with his fingers and tongue, even teasing it with his big uncut dick. Then he finally dove his cock deep inside causing Lucky to let out some really hot deep husky moans. Jorge went hardcore on Lucky's ass and rode him for all he's worth. And the rougher he got the more Lucky got off on it. Lucky is such a hungry bottom and he's always up for seeing what our other guys can throw at him. And once he had a taste of what Jorge had to offer, he couldn't get enough.
Featuring:  Lucky DanielsJorge Fusco

Milo & Nicco

Milo Sommers has been dreaming about Nicco Sky, especially his sexy bubble butt. And now fantasy is going to become reality because Milo is gonna actually get a piece of it. Hawaiian hottie Milo is shown how it's done with Nicco's talented mouth wrapped around his hard dripping cock, and then has to try out what he's learned. Nothing like a little oral action to get things going. But Milo just couldn't stop staring at Nicco's muscle, not to mention that adorable face, and he just had to pound his ass. This video goes from oral to hardcore real quick as Milo slides his throbbing boner deep into Nicco's hungry hole. And you have to see how he throws Nicco's legs up above his head so he can get easy access to his sweet manhole. And Nicco's delicious honey brown complexion is the prefect backdrop for Milo's creamy white jizz as it splashes all over his chest.
Featuring:  Nicco SkyMilo Sommers

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