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Max Rider

Max Rider loves having people look at his body. He spends five days a week at the gym lovingly working every muscle. When he stands before you naked you can see every line, every cut of his muscular frame as he slowly glides his hand up and down the shaft of his long perfect dick. We don't get nearly as many black guys on our site as we would like and when someone as absolutely gorgeous as Max Rider is featured we're all thrilled. There's something so sexy about the way interracial sex really shows off the contrasting skin tones in the models and it will be really hot to pair him up in a hardcore scene with guys like Nicco Sky, Sean Zevran and Danny Harper. Or maybe even a gay three way, really showing off how these guys can be so damn sexy each in their own way, yet produce such ball churning orgy sex when working each other's bodies. But back to Max, he's got such an amazing body and when he shows you his bubble butt and teases you by edging his fingers closer and closer you know he means business. And then he takes you with him all the way until he shoots a load of hot white cum all over his smooth six pack abs.
Featuring:  Max Rider
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