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Monthly Archives: February 2011

Bili and Milan

Milan loves to have is dick deep throated before he pounds a tight asshole, and Bili is here to deliver! This cock muncher sucks and licks pole until it's time to get his hole ravaged by a big, mean rod. After a few attempts, this raw, tight hole gets plugged with a thick prick that leaves a butt load of cum all over and inside his ass!


Cedrik and Lorenzo

These horny young bucks meet up at the house for a discreet homosexual rendezvous. Both of these guys act straight in their day to day lives, so it's a great relief for them to be able to relax in private and let go of their gay sexual inhibitions! They get nude on the couch, leaning over to take turns blowing on each other's dickheads. Those meaty tools taste great, especially when the first drops of salty precum start to dribble out! Hardcore rectal sex gay sex toy is next on the agenda, and the dudes alternate between pumping each others' firm assholes. They conclude the movie lying next to each other as they both jerk themselves off.


Zoran and Nikola

Nikola has a dick like a dude-magnet - everyone wants a taste - and he's usually pretty cool with letting any hot frat cum swap gay boy suck on his meat. Enter Zoran, a jizz-eating power bottom who's craving the monster inside Nikola's jeans. It's not long before he's got a mouthful of manhood and both guys are in the throws of oral ecstasy. Nikola's had his share of mouthes on his 10 rod, but even he seems blown away by Zoran's fancy tongue work. In return, Nikola offers Zoran even MORE weiner and fucks him bareback right between the cheeks. Tons of great close-ups as Nikola's naked shlong rams Zoran's firm hole. Proving what a jizz-fiend-pig he is, Zoran then sucks Nikola's dong straight out of his own butt - and slurps back an extra foamy milkshake straight from Nikola's balls. Not forgetting his manners - Zoran shares the gooey prize with Nikola in a nice sticky climax.


Chris & Travis

We always say that the best videos happen when the guys are already attracted to each other. But things get really crazy when they've already hooked up and ask to do a scene together. You just know it's gonna be all kinds of horny hardcore gay sex buttfucking all the way. Chris Bines took to Travis James like a condom to a cock. They kept running into each other at public events and around the studio and it was obvious there were sparks. Then when it came time for Chris to get his ass plowed for the very first time he didn't have to think twice about who he wanted the lucky stud to be. They started off with some hot oral action. Chris working his talented lips around Travis' huge cock and Travis moaning like a dog in heat. Pretty soon they were locked in a hot 69, working each other's dicks while getting their own sucked almost dry. They tried a few other things including a really wild standing 69 and finally Travis got Chris' eager hole ready with a nice rimjob, working his tongue all over Chris' hole. Then the time came for Chris' ass fucking and once they started he couldn't get enough. You can bet Chris Bines will be back begging to get his hungry hole stuffed full of cock again and again.
Featuring:  Travis JamesChris Bines

Milan and Momir

Milan and Momir ditch their duds in favour of smoking some hard, long pole. Momir swallows a thick cock before he slides it in his tight asshole, grinding the fuck out of Milan's hard prick. After this bottom gets his ass infiltrated, he's ready to spew a large, hot load of giz from his completely reamed hole!


Johnathon and Andrew

This submissive rump lover just can't wait to get his tight butthole stretched out! This sexed up gay couple is chilling out at home, and the horny bottom is getting his ass stretched out with a variety of vegetables, including a giant cucumber and a banana. The cocksucker jerks off his pathetic little diddle while his dominant boyfriend plugs his butthole with whatever comes to hand. The submissive bottom guy also takes a hard anal pumping and then sucks his boy off the rest of the way. He takes his guy's dong in his mouth and swallows his prick to the base, eagerly mouthing out that sweet ejaculate and gay dildo swallowing it down as fast as he can.


Milos, Zoran and Nikola

When you put three, hot horny dudes in one room - the inevitable happens: They bang, suck and exchange loads of ejaculate!The boys strip down right away and Zoran gets in the middle, with Nikola and Milos on either side - their plump shafts in his face - and he goes to town. And does he EVER have his work cut out for him, but lucky for Nikola and Milos - Zoran LOVES his job! He alternates sucking off Milos and Nikola, working their meat over like a dick-starved pig. As the boys get hornier, Milos decides he wants a cock in his mouth too. Fair is fair - and soon, Milos is sucking Nikola and Zoran is expertly polishing Milos' knob. Sexy Milos ten decides to gay blow jobs mount Zoran and give him even more of his moist dick. He rams him fast and steady and Zoran moans like a little woman.Meanwhile, Nikola is keeping Zoran's mouth busy with an all beef diet. The guys exchange it up and Nikola has a go at Zoran's hole. When Nikola is about to blow, he makes Zoran his personal cream-dumpster, unloading buckets of ejaculate in his mouth, which Zoran feeds back to Milos. Hot.


Kevin Colfax

Kevin Colfax looks so incredibly sexy basking in the warm sun. His smooth chocolate brown skin giving such a nice accent to his well sculpted pecs and chiseled abs. He runs his fingers over his chest as he looks at you with his deep brown eyes. He gives you a sweet smile as if inviting you to join him as he pulls out his massive dick and starts seductively stroking it. He works his fingers up and down the shaft while letting his other hand roam all over his horned up body. Then he flips over and shows you his hole, lightly tracing his fingers around the outer edge, teasing you with the prospect of shoving them deep inside. He was so excited to get into gay porn and wanted to make the most of his first solo. But he admits that he would be up for some hardcore. It would be so hot to put him in a hot interracial scene, or watch him going at it in a gym orgy with some other dudes having some hot gay jock sex. But for now it's all in the fantasy that runs through his mind while he basks in the sun and shoots his big thick load all over his sculpted abs.
Featuring:  Kevin Colfax

Alexander & Nicco

Alexander Kudrov and Nicco Sky are so different from one another. Nicco is more experienced while Alexander is still really new. Nicco has his gorgeous Latino features with that delicious honey brown skin, deep dark eyes and fiery passion while Alexander is all blonde hair and blue eyes, with an innocent manner that you just want to see be corrupted by some hot sweaty mansex. And that Russian accent drives all the Randy Blue models crazy. But as different as they are they both have killer bodies, with rippling abs, smooth marble like pecs, and firm round asses. Nicco works a cock like nobody's business while Alexander takes a more careful and tender approach. But once he's rock hard and horny he bangs Nicco's ass for all it's worth. And keep an eye out for Nicco's cumshot. Never one to disappoint, he shoots a huge stream of jizz that arcs almost as high as Alexander's blonde curls and splashes back down all over Nicco's smooth chest.
Featuring:  Nicco SkyAlexander Kudrov

Milos and Aca

Horny male slut Aca is getting it on with skinny twink Milos who loves to have his junk swallowed by a beautiful dark skinned whore! Milos fills up Aca's crack as he reaches around and jerks his cock and plays with his balls! He might be boyish, but Milos fucks like a rough slut as he pounds away at this tight rear, leaving him with a hole full of cock paste!


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