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Djuki and Zika

Zika and Djuki are two horny boi's looking to give and to receive! Zika is in a giving gay cream pie videos mood as he offers up his tool to Djuki's face, and Djuki's asshole is in the business of taking anal packages! Spreading his cheeks wide, Zika nails the bullseye and leaves a white, nasty mess that bubbles from Djuki's ass when he's finished!


Anthony Artious and Jacob Little

This rich gay stud is having a bit of trouble with his computer, so he gets on the phone and calls up his local computer repairman. He is a little gay dildo videos taken aback when he opens the door, and there's this long haired hunk standing in front of him - he'd been expecting some nerdy computer geek, and instead he gets this hot, strapping man. It's not long before they give each other the cruising glance and the submissive computer stud drops to his knees, pulling his employer's rod out of his pants and starting to suck gingerly. The guys get fully nude and lie down on the couch for a wild throat pumping 69 before some hard core rectal sex.


Porter & Tristan

I'm not going to lie. The idea of having real life boyfriends Porter Wescott and Tristan Scott do a scene together has been boiling in my mind ever since the day Porter told me his boyfriend wanted to model for us. I didn't want to push the idea but when they suggested it as something they wanted to do I was thrilled. There is an amazing element of electricity between these two and you can tell it comes from the fact that they know each other so well, knowing exactly how to get the other one right to the brink and then back off, getting each other so horny. Porter lovingly engulfs Tristan's nice long cock, working his tongue deep into his quivering hole, getting him so worked up that he can't wait for his lover to plunge his cock deep into his sexy ass. And you wonder what goes through the minds of boyfriends having sex on display. Is it like having a threesome with the new partner sitting aside and watching? Did they get off on the fact that they knew all the Randy Blue members were going to be seeing this video? Or did they shut out the world and just do what they do? The best part is, whatever your fantasy is of what they were thinking as their hot jizz shot all over each other's gorgeous bodies, you get to decide.

Igor and Zika

Igor is a penis starving knob gobbler who luckily, has found a friend who is willing and ready to feed him some meat! Zika gets his dickhead swallowed before he bends over his fuckbuddy and sticks gay creampie videos him with his prick! Zika gets deep into this tight hole where he blows his load and watches as Igor blows it back out at him!


Anthony Artious and Damien Wallace

This gay dude is sitting at home by himself groping horny, so he gets on an Internet chat site and picks up a local gym bunny. His wang gets hard as soon as this stud knocks on his door and he sees how hot and muscley he is. They move inside to the couch and soon they are locked in a steamy 69, thrusting their poles down each others' throats until they make each other gag. The gym man loves to get fucked in the backside, so he lies on his back with his legs pulled up and his partner starts to rut him in the ass hole. While the gym man gay toy jerks himself off, his friend taps that butt until he blows all over his buddy's stomach - this is hot!


Jason Mack

The blond muscular jock dives into the cool water of a desert oasis. Surrounded by the warm sun and scenic mountains of Palm Springs, Jason Mack enjoys a dip in the pool. The water glistens off the smooth chest of this hot stud. When asked about being a straight amateur doing a gay porn shoot he takes it in stride. One gets the feeling that he'd be just at home playing sports and hiking mountain trails as he is jerking his nice thick cock in a chez lounge by the pool. He's got a nice natural build with a delicious set of pecs and chiseled abs that make you want to run your tongue down them. And working his dick he forgoes the subtle movements that some prefer for the more aggressive hardcore jerking that gets the job done. His blond spiky hair perfectly accents his smooth pale skin and his arms look like they could wrap around you and not let you go. His biceps flex as he runs his hands up and down the shaft of his hearty cock until he shoots his hot thick load all over his rippled stomach.
Featuring:  Jason Mack

Donny & Travis

The first thing you notice about Travis James in his newest Randy Blue video is his 'Dumb Jock' T-shirt. Now, we can tell you that Travis is anything but, however, always one to give your virtual balls a tug, Travis knows what gets people off. The stereotypical dumb jock has been the inspiration of hard cock jerk off sessions for ages, and in this hardcore gay muscle stud fantasy Travis is more than happy to play out that role. And with a hot stud like Donny Wright around it was easy to indulge. We haven't seen Donny for a while but he's back and looking better than ever. Deep tan, sexy facial scruff and a nice pelt of thick body fur that he's let gown since the last time. And he couldn't wait to get a piece of Travis' smooth muscular jock body. Starting out with mutual blowjobs, Travis took the opportunity to not only feed his enormous dick to Donny, he gently grabbed the back of his head and fucked his face for a bit. Donny was a total horn dog after that so he dove face first into Travis' bubble butt and gave him a rim job he won't soon forget. Having prepared that hungry hole with his talented tongue he plunged his fuck stick deep inside causing Travis to ultimately shoot a load that sprayed all over his sweat covered chest. But Donnie wasn't finished with him yet. He pulled out and shot a huge thick creamy load all over Travis' face.
Featuring:  Travis JamesDonny Wright

Zoran and Zika

Zoran can't wait to get his throat and asshole pumped by Zika's hard shaft. Getting bent over and having his ass attacked is like a walk in the park for Zoran, and Zika is decides to take this firm booty for a spin, gay creampie fucking his stud hole and leaving a juicy filling behind for Zoran to spooge out later!


Damien Wallace and Jeremy London

Two horny dudes fuck up at the apartment for some hardcore gate cocksucking. They both are nervous at first, having just met through an Internet chat site, but they soon loosen up and start to 69 on the couch. One stud has had a itch in his anus that he just can't scratch, so he invites his friend to lube him up and to tap that backside raw. The man slides his bareback wang right in that rump, and they go through several different assfucking sex positions, including one stud riding and then taking it doggy. When they cream, they spurt in gay toy movies their flatmate's old pizza, hoping that he eats it later on. That will serve him right for being straight!


Danny & Richard

Nothing stirs up the libido like a good workout. Just look at Danny Harper and Richard Pierce at this beginning of this video. Here's two hot guys being interviewed in the Randy Blue gym and you can just tell that all they're thinking about is getting down and dirty into good old gay jock sex. Danny is all big hard muscle who's at home in the gym more than anywhere else. Getting hot and sweaty with another dude while working out is second nature to him. And Richard, who's tattooed muscular body has inspired many a Randy Blue fan to pop a boner and let loose a load. Together these two naked gay muscle hunks go from heavy lifting to hardcore fucking. But not before they suck each others' hard throbbing cocks. Danny is so hot and horny that Richard eagerly offered up his ass for a good pounding. The gym equipment makes excellent fuck furniture, letting Danny to maneuver Richard in such a way to get at all his good parts. And Richard was really getting off on sucking and chewing on Danny's eraser sized nipples, which was a huge turn on for him.

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