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Monthly Archives: November 2010

Gunner & Richard

While people have sometimes joked about Richard Pierce and Gunner Pierce being brothers, nothing could be further from the truth. But while we were talking about this someone said, 'could you imagine if they had sex'. And suddenly, we did. And it was good. Real good. And when we got these two horny muscle studs together it was better than we planned. Richard, with his sexy tattoos and ready for anything attitude was so hot for Gunner that he could hardly wait to get started. And Gunner, who's handsome face and smooth muscular body have launched many raging boners is looking better than ever. His guns have gotten bigger and harder, just like your cock will be when you see him getting his ass rammed by Richard's raging fuckstick. But not before he gives Richard one fuck of a blowjob, getting him so hot and horny that he's almost jumping Gunner to get at his bubble butt. It's oral, anal and cum soaked action at it's finest.
Featuring:  Richard Pierce


In 'MVP' Cayden Ross plays closeted football player Lincoln, the Most Valuable Player of the Dodge City Satyrs, who gets pegged by fellow teammate Will, Riley Price. With his dirty secret revealed he takes the opportunity to find out exactly how good his teammate's mouth feels when wrapped against his monster cock. Cayden is pretty skilled at working the pole as well and gets Riley so turned on that he can't wait to ride Cayden's beast. And given the size of Cayden's huge dick it's obvious that Riley's bottoming skills are pretty amazing. But Riley doesn't get to have all the fun. Cayden gets his hole worked over by Riley so hard that his animalistic grunts and groans should have alerted not only the whole team but everyone in the stadium as well. Cayden wraps it up by giving Riley's hole one more workout before dumping his huge sticky load all over his smooth back.
Featuring:  Riley PriceCayden Ross

CJ Crawford

CJ Crawford has a very different look for a Randy Blue model. But you know we always like to try featuring different kinds of guys. He's got this adorable mop of spiky dirty blond hair and just enough facial scruff to be called a short beard. His handsome features will grab your attention right away. Then he strips down and you get a look at his lightly furry body. Luckily his light body hair doesn't cover up his sexy tattoos, but it's lush enough that you just want to run your fingers through it. His hard cock jutting out just asking for attention while he runs his hands over his nicely formed pecs. This is his first time jerking off in front of a camera crew but you'd hardly know it. He works that dick of his like he's the only one there, letting out his soft breathy moans while grabbing his nuts with one hand and stroking his shaft with the other. Then he flips over and gives you a good show of his hot little hole while he continues to work his pole, giving you full view of his balls and cock while you admire his sexy ass. And when he finally hits the brink he unloads his hot creamy spunk all over our gym floor.
Featuring:  CJ Crawford

Ash & Chad

Ash Taylor and Chad Hollon make one hot pair. They have a chemistry that we could all see from a mile away. Ash has been wanting to try some more adventurous things in his videos and with Chad around I couldn't think of anything more adventurous than having Ash rim Chad's hot ass. The look on Chad's face while Ash is buried face first in his rear is so hot, he just totally lets go and gets really into it. His recent video with Nicco proved how much Chad loves to fuck a good ass and when he met Ash he knew he would have to get a piece of that. Chad rams his dick deep into Ash's hungry hole while Ash lets his pleasure be heard. They do a few different positions, each one getting both of them off more and more before they both shoot hot steamy loads and collapse on each other, making out in the afterglow of one hot fuck session.
Featuring:  Chad HollonAsh Taylor

Top Floor

Ever get stuck in an elevator? In 'Top Floor' two handsome strangers, Micah Brandt and Porter Wescott, are trapped between floors with little else to do to pass the time but fuck each other's brains out. A panic ridden Porter distracts himself by blowing Micah and then Micah goes one step further by rimming his hot ass and ramming him with his throbbing hard fuckstick. When horny maintenance man Jarrett Rex shows up to help, he can't resist joining in on the fun. Jarrett feeds Porter his raging hard cock while Micah has a second helping to his hot ass. But once Jarrett's dick is sucked until it's ready to burst he has to fuck Micah's brains out to bust a nut, but he gets to watch Micah blow Porter for inspiration. And just so Porter won't feel left out he gets Jarrett to fuck him one last time while blowing Micah before they all shoot thick creamy loads all over Porter and the elevator floor.
Featuring:  Porter Wescott

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