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Latino Flavored Asses Stretched To The Limit!!!

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Ceatano is a small Latino stud but armed with a big package and tight grasping ass lips! He was hanging around the block checking out the guys passing by. He was easy to pick up! We talked to him and invited this Latino sexy boy to come up and have a ride on our special bus… while giving him a dirty wink! Caetano catches on quick and instantly went with us! We introduced him to Miguel, a blond long haired twink who looks absolutely hot wearing a black leather jacket! The minute he laid eyes on hunk Miguel, this Latino cock smoker got an instant massive hard-on! Watch how they suck each others huge tools, stuff each others tight asses, wank off their cum blasters and spray hot jism all over the place…. Things like these only happen at the BrazilBus.Com bus!!!


Latino Lover Boys Tiny Ass Stretched Wide While On A Bus

The horny boys of BrazilBus.Com caught Guto, a tight assed Latino twink, while hitching a ride at a local gas station. They asked this smooth Latino stud muffin if he wants a ride, but it’s not free and it will cost him his tight tasty quivering ass!!! Guto is shocked but this Latino boy toy figures getting a free ride and getting his ass drilled is a win-win scenario for him. Once inside the bus Guto is introduced to Joao, a well hung pretty boy that’s always ready for some action! Guto and Joao wasted no time and started on shredding their clothes while the bus moves along. Latino boytoy Guto is impressed at how huge Joao’s cock is, but he managed to shove its whole length down his throat! And with that cock all lubricated from Guto’s juicy sucking, this Latino twink mounted on that towering cock by sliding his tight ass down its shaft! All these wild and creamy twink-on-twink action… only here at!


Brazil Blow Has The Most Pure Brazilian Blowjob Point of View

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Gonzo has never been more hardcore since Brazil Blow came about showing off the Latin dudes they get to eat their dicks. The site features some of the best Latino twinks and studs getting face fucked. To make things better your password will also work on Brazil Bus. These guys cruise around Brazil in their bus picking up sexy Latinos to ass bang on the road. So check Brazil Blow out today, to see all of our hot Latino twinks in action.


Straight Dudes Willing to Try New Things

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"Heaven". This is the only word I can find to describe what happens here. We cruise for curious straight dudes willing to try new things for some fun. Where are the hottest men in the world? Rio De Janeiro of course! And cruising around RJ we got this delicious stud named Max who will show us why straight boysdo it better. Come on, you know you want to watch this, two hot masculine dudes fucking in a bus? Pure perfection! See reality porn at its best exclusively at Brazil Bus!


Guto and Joao Take a Ride in The Brazil Bus

Guto was waiting around at a gas station for one of his amigos when Joao approached him. Cutting straight to the point Joao said, "Do you want to go for a ride in The Brazil Bus?" The deal was they fuck on film, and it will pay off well! Guto was impressed by the shear size and mass of Joao's thick cock, but he did a damn fine job sucking it off. He did even better taking that dick all the way up his tight ass. The Brazil Bus is always scoring new Latino twinks on the streets to take for rides in their gay love bus, could you be next?


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